2% Milk
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  • No Artificial Hormones | Non Homogenized | Pasture Raised
  • Produced in Woodward, IA by Picket Fence Creamery.
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Our pasture-raised Jersey cows not only produce milk full of flavor, but with a consistently higher protein, calcium, and mineral content. Our cows graze on pasture grasses, the way Nature intended, and drink safe, fresh, and clean Xenia Rural Water! At long last, you can again see the cows that produce your milk!

Non-homogenized, or cream-line milk, is a nutritious, delicious, and versatile milk product. In our 2% and whole milk, there is a line of cream at the top of the jug. You may either pour off the cream for use in your coffee, in cooking, on your cereal, or make ice cream, OR you may simply shake up the jug for very delicious-tasting milk.

Picket Fence Creamery is an 80 acre family owned and operated dairy farm, creamery and country store located just off Highway 141 at Woodward exit 138. Their milk is 100% natural, produced without the use of artificial hormones. The cows live outside in the grass pastures and drink fresh and clean Xenia Rural Water.

The proprietors, Jeff and Jill Burkhart, pasteurize and bottle the milk onsite. Their store offers skim, 2%, and whole milk, chocolate milk, ice cream, whipping cream, cheese curds, Neva's Cheeseball, and local beef, pork, buffalo, elk, lamb, chicken and eggs.

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