Smoked Muenster
Smoked Muenster

Smoked Muenster

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  • Family Owned - Award Winning Cheeses
  • Produced in Westby, WI by Nordic Creamery.
  • 8 oz
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Smoked Muenster, made from fresh cow’s milk, is rich, soft and creamy like a traditional Muenster, but we take the flavor a step further with all-natural hardwood smoke. This gives a traditional favorite a grown up kick. Use Smoked Muenster on sandwiches, with fruit or in your favorite recipe. Smoked Muenster makes mac and cheese a real grown up treat.

A Family Farm

Award-winning Cheesemaker and Buttermaker Al Bekkum and his family live on the Bekkum Farmstead owned and operated by their family since immigration from Norway in 1917.

The farm is located among other Norwegian settlers in Westby, Wisconsin within Vernon County's lush, green hills and valleys known as the Coulee Region. This un-glaciated land is recognized for its fertile soil and exceptional grazing land making their cheese and butter second to none.

Bekkum family members are not only involved in daily farming but also in cheese making. We're family owned and operated and we think you'll love our cheese because our happy cows and goats produce some of the freshest milk in the area!

Award Winning Cheesemaker

Taking this rich milk product and making it into award-winning cheese is what 25-year veteran licensed cheese and butter maker Al Bekkum does at Nordic Creamery. Al Bekkum is a licensed Wisconsin butter maker and cheesemaker, crafting some of the finest, award-winning goat and cow's milk artisan cheese in Wisconsin.

Al has consistently received numerous gold and silver medals at national and international competitions including the American Cheese Society, U.S. Cheesemakers Association and World Cheese Awards. He has earned the reputation for creating the finest handcrafted cheeses in traditional Wisconsin-styles as well as award-winning butters.

Naturally Grown & Fresh

Nordic Creamery is making some of Wisconsin's finest gourmet, artisan cheese and butter. We don't mass produce our cheese; we make small handcrafted batches of our cheese in Southwestern Wisconsin's "Driftless" Coulee Region.

Our stock is grass feed in open pastures during the summer and feed a mostly grass hay diet during the winter. We don’t need to add chemicals to our cheese or butter, our secret ingredient is freshness!

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