Orignal Garlic Sauce
Orignal Garlic Sauce

Orignal Garlic Sauce

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  • Handmade | Family Recipe
  • Produced in St Paul, MN by Grlk.
  • 9.25 oz
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This the OG of Grlk, LLC. Where everything started.

If you like garlic, then this is right up your lane. Flavor forward with garlic then a refreshing lemon juice tastes make Original Grlk the fan favorite.

There are endless possibilities to delight your taste buds with Grlk. It makes a healthy substitute for any condiment, salad dressing and marinade. It takes your chicken, meat and seafood from good to great. And imagine the beautiful marriage of pasta and garlic…they go hand-in-hand like that’s amore! And to think, you don't ever have to worry about stinky garlic fingers from all that chopping ever again. Simply twist the cap, add Grlk to your favorite recipe and enjoy! And as we say in Lebanon, “sahtein!” (happy eating!).

Our story begins in the women’s shoe department of a local St. Paul department store. Sounds strange, I know. But that's how my parents met all those years ago. My father, a young and driven Lebanese man determined to make a life for himself in the United States. My mother, a local St. Paul girl with a passion for travel and culture. A chance meeting in the most unlikely of places for two souls from opposite ends of the world.

Through their lives, my parents have shared a love for food and family and passed that love onto me. Growing up, garlic was always a part of our foodie lives. Whether it was watching my mom sit and peel numerous bulbs of garlic by hand or slathering the good creamy stuff all over our grilled chicken at a summer BBQ. That creamy dollop of garlicky goodness is where Grlk first got its start.

Not much has changed from its humble – and made with lots of love - beginning over 20 years ago, except for the person now making it. It is still made by hand and fresh to order. But now the new generation is carrying the tradition on and sharing the love with you. Only the finest and most wholesome ingredients are used to ensure the highest quality and most divine flavor. And of course, to make our “taita” (Lebanese grandma) proud by staying true to Grlk’s humble beginnings.

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