Navy Beans (Organic)

Navy Beans (Organic)

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  • Certified Organic | Family Farm | Non GMO | Vegan
  • Produced in Evansville, WI by Doudlah Farms Organics.
  • 1 lb

ORIGIN: WISCONSIN, USA. Blessings to those who support our 6th generation Organic Family Farm. THANK YOU for supporting American Farmers; The other Essential Worker. ORGANIC PRODUCT: USDA Certified Organic Navy Beans are 100% NON-GMO.  Small white ovals with mild flavor.  For Boston Baked Beans.  Found in Senate Bean Soup on the menu daily in the US Senate's restaurant, Washington DC.  Also called white pea.

VEGAN: High Protein Source and fiber and micronutrients. ANTIOXIDANT SOURCE: Full of potent antioxidants that protect your body.

ENDLESS MEAL POSSIBILITIES: Our premium organic beans have a mild flavor and are easy to cook. Pre-cook and store in Fridge to Include them in all your favorite soups, salads, baked beans and stews.   Loved in Hungary, Servian Bean soup call Pasullj.

WARNINGS: If not cooked properly, do not eat beans! Undercooked and raw beans are toxic due to a plant lectin known as phytohaemagglutinin, which naturally occurs. Please wash thoroughly. As we do strive for perfection, it is not always possible to remove all debris. Some small stones are same size as the bean & can get past the best inspectors.

Our Story

At Doudlah Farms Organics, we believe in wholesome, nutrient-dense, rich, safe foods, farmed right. Doudlah Farms are advocates for organic, regenerative and biodynamic farming practices (fancy names for growing nutrient-rich foods that’s good for you, our planet and the future of human health).

By farming this way, we keep our soil healthy and it does the same for us – and will for generations to come! So, enjoy Doudlah Farms Organics like our world depends on it. ‘Cause, it kinda does.

Our Guarantee

We are located in Southern Wisconsin in rich organic-regenerative soils. But our guarantee to our consumer is we do not rely on the Global Food Chain. Meaning: When Doudlah Farms inventory is low, our products are not outsourced from CHINA, MEXICO, CANADA or any other country. All products are home-grown in the United States by the best. Our Guarantee is that when we say it is Certified Organic, it is truly Organic by U.S. Standards. 100% United States Certified 100% all the time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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