Carrots - 2

Carrots - 2# bag

Regular price$7.00
  • Certified Organic
  • Produced in Rushford, Minnesota by Featherstone Farm.
  • 2 lb
Certified Organic carrots grown at Featherstone Farm in Rushford, Minnesota - 2 lb bag.

Our Story

Featherstone Farm is dedicated to building soil, protecting resources, creating renewable energy and to enhancing the rural environment in which it operates.

We operate a mid-sized, significantly mechanized, certified organic farm, which balances big picture goals of ecological and human health with day-to-day realities of economics (both the need to be profitable as a foundation of sustainability, and the need to be efficient to make quality food affordable and accessible to large numbers of people).

We are committed to being a fair, transparent and accountable agricultural employer, and to making farmwork a safe, respected and personally sustainable profession.

We are dedicated to placing good regional food at the center of a vital rural-urban community of people.

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