Gem Lettuce

Gem Lettuce

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  • Organically Grown | Local
  • Produced in Des Moines, IA by Dogpatch Urban Gardens.
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Three irresistible mini bibb varieties for home and market gardens.

We offer this trio of mini head lettuces as a set because they are perfectly slated to be grown and marketed together. All three varieties form uniform and dense “true mini” heads meaning they fill out and are nicely proportional at the mini stage. They also span a range of colors that create a dynamic contrast when combined. Bibb lettuces are known for their excellent eating quality and these varieties are no exception each possessing exceptionally sweet flavor and tender texture. This combination is well-suited for market growers who want to attract a following as well as home gardeners with limited space and gourmet aspirations.

Our Story

We are an urban farm located in Des Moines, Iowa known for our organically grown salad greens as well as other seasonal crops. We have evolved into a destination in Des Moines to support local growers, makers, and producers.

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