BBQ Beef Stick

BBQ Beef Stick

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  • Hormone Free | Antibiotic Free | Flax Fed Beef
  • Produced in Osceola, IA by Timber Ridge.
  • 1 oz

This sweet and tangy BBQ snack stick is a favorite for kids of all ages. A blend of onion, garlic and molasses make this no nitrate, Omega 3 packed snack a healthy treat anytime. This is a Mom’s choice for lunchboxes or after school snacks.

Our Story

Several years ago Pete & Cindy Woltz sold a family-owned commercial feedlot. The commercial feedlot was run to maximize cattle gains, optimize pen space, and keep cattle alive and performing well by using an aggressive antibiotic program. It was a daily exercise in crisis management!

In 2006 they started Timber Ridge Cattle Company and devoted a significant proportion of the operation to the production of a more healthy beef product both in terms of the cattle and the meat.

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