Parmasean Garlic Pasta
Parmasean Garlic Pasta

Parmasean Garlic Pasta

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  • Made From Scratch | Iowa Company
  • Produced in Marion, IA by Pasta of the Prairie.
  • 15 oz

This is our best-selling pasta! Our Parmesan Garlic pasta is infused with real Parmesan cheese and has a subtle garlic flavor that doesn’t overwhelm. It pairs perfectly with almost any sauce or can be enjoyed on its own with butter or olive oil. For an easy meal, toss the pasta with olive oil and sautéed chicken and vegetables, and top with shredded Parmesan cheese.

Our Story

After a trip to Italy where we learned how to make pasta by hand, we were excited to bring new flavors and ideas back home with us to Iowa. We first started selling our homemade pasta at a small farmer’s market. We’ve since expanded to create pasta salad mixes, soup mixes, and pasta meal kits – all with our own pasta.

We make every batch of homemade pasta from scratch, infused with ingredients like real Parmesan cheese, spinach, and ground herbs. You’ll love the unique flavors of our easy-to-make pasta, meal kits, soup mixes, and pasta salad mixes!

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