All Purpose Veggie Mix

All Purpose Veggie Mix

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  • Organic | Non-Toxic | Odor-Free
  • 15 lb

The nutrients our plants need to thrive don't just magically appear. They come from the soil. But they only come from healthy, living soil that contains the nutrients your plants can absorb.

Adding Purple Cow Activated Compost with PCO Mineral Complex to your gardens, containers, landscapers or lawns will infuse trace minerals, nutrients and microbes into your soil, which will ensure that all the plants you grow will be as happy as possible. 

  • Purple Cow Compost
  • Rock Minerals
  • Sea Minerals
  • Worm Castings
  • Replenish Garden Beds (food crops or flower beds)
  • Improve Topsoil/Garden Soil
  • Bolster Trees & Shrubs
  • Potted Plants (indoor or outdoor)
  • Maintain Existing Lawns
  • Perennial Beds/Mulch
  • Lawn Repair

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Based in Middleton, WI, Purple Cow Organics believes the quality of the food we eat is directly related to the quality of the soil in which it grows. Their fully organic product line includes organic compost, growing mixes, and soil amendments.

Whether you have pepper plants on your deck, herbs in raised beds, or thousands of acres of heirloom wheat, Purple Cow Organics products are scientifically formulated to rejuvenate soil while reintroducing, supporting, and encouraging microbes that make soil productive.

Purple Cow Organics

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