Cold Season Blend Loose Leaf Tea

Cold Season Blend Loose Leaf Tea

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  • Family Owned | Handcrafted
  • Produced in Des Moines by Red Dragon Herbs & Teas.
  • 2 oz

You’re going to want to have this tea on hand. You know you or one of your loved ones will get a cold this year and this blend will help make you feel better when you’re stuffed up and coughing. Very few things are more comforting than a hot cup of tea when you’re sick and this blend goes above and beyond by not only taste good but being loaded with herbs and fruit that promote wellness during a cold. Having this around is a very small investment with a big payback during the time of the year when illness is spreading around. Europeans have been using elderberries and rosehips for centuries as a way to stave off colds, as they are natural sources of vitamin C, among other things. This blend contains peppermint, elderberry flower, rose hips, lavender, chamomile, and echinacea


peppermint, elderberry flower, rose hips, lavender, chamomile and echinacea

You might say our story begins back in 2015 with filing some official papers or maybe when we first went in front of the public on a chilly spring morning at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market. I think our story goes deeper than that. The real origin of Red Dragon Herbs is the cups of tea we’ve had in exotic locales around the world, the cups of homegrown herbal blends we’ve had in our backyard, the folklore and herbal wisdom we’ve absorbed over the years and the conversations we’ve had together as husband and wife over a kettle of tea.

Red Dragon Herbs is first and foremost a family owned business. Ryan and Mary are the owners, but it’s not uncommon at all to see our kids pitch in to help. We also value the personal relationships we’ve been able to make with our customers and other entrepreneurs as we’ve come along.

Since our humble inception here in Des Moines, Iowa, we’ve made a name for ourselves locally and way beyond by providing high quality, unique and interesting tea blends along with the personal touch that only a small family business like us could provide.

Thank you for checking us out. We hope that you can become part of our story too.

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