Yellow Corn Chips

Yellow Corn Chips

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  • Organic
  • Produced in Welcome, MN by Whole Grain Milling Company.
  • 1 lb

At Whole Grain Milling, we grow and process certified organic grains and provide you with fresh, quality whole grain products direct from the farm.

Our Story

At Whole Grain Milling we grow and process certified organic grains and provide you with fresh, quality whole grain products.

Our farm was certified organic in 1989 after three years of following organic standards. Every year an inspector comes to do a thorough examination of our fields, mill and paperwork. We are also inspected by a Minnesota State Inspector. Currently we are certified by the USDA and GOA which is in turn certified by NOPS.

We started Whole Grain Milling Co. 1n 1990. We provide just enough processing to make our grains usable while maintaining the nutritional value and quality of whole grains.

We are especially proud of our award-winning certified organic Corn Tortilla Chips. Produced in our Trimont, MN based processing plant our chips Chosen as one of the Minneapolis Star Tribune's TOP 50 TASTES OF MINNESOTA.

Certified Organic for More that 30 Years!

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