Big Beef Plus
Regular price$1.00
  • Produced in by Dogpatch Urban Gardens.

An even better Big Beef.

One of the best-loved beefsteaks now with improved flavor color and adaptability. Sweeter than the original with added TSWV resistance for protection in warmer climates. Crimson gene lends a richer red internal color. Very similar in size shape and yield to Big Beef. High resistance to Alternaria stem canker Fusarium crown and root rot Fusarium wilt races 1 and 2 gray leaf spot tomato mosaic virus and Verticillium wilt; and intermediate resistance to nematodes and tomato spotted wilt virus. Indeterminate.

Our Story

We are an urban farm located in Des Moines, Iowa known for our organically grown salad greens as well as other seasonal crops. We have evolved into a destination in Des Moines to support local growers, makers, and producers.

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