Cheeky Zing - Ginger Apple Juice
Cheeky Zing - Ginger Apple Juice
Cheeky Zing - Ginger Apple Juice

Cheeky Zing - Ginger Apple Juice

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  • Woman Owned | No Added Sugar | Vegan | Gluten Free | Shelf Stable
  • Produced in St. Paul, MN by Panache.
  • 12 oz

There is juice. Then there is Panache! Botanical infusions in apple juice revitalize the body, satisfying your soul. Functional beverages with no empty calories made with Ayurvedic recipes, the food science of yoga, for balance and harmony. No empty calories. 

GINGER TREND: Join the international trend and the growing popularity of ginger-based beverages. Panache ginger root infusion has no added sugar and is gluten and sulfite-free. Made with 100% real apple juice and shelf-stable, this juice is versatile as a snack, in a lunch box, or as a base for a smoothie, mocktail, or cocktail.

IMMUNITY BOOST: Panache ginger infusion naturally promotes metabolism, fights nausea, helps with stiffness, and fights infection.

LYMPHATIC HELP: As well as boosting immunity, this superfood helps with bile flow, digestion, sore throat, colds, and coughs. With an apple a day and a spoonful of ginger you can keep the doctor away!

NAUSEA RELIEF: A satisfying bottle of Cheeky Zing adds much-needed energy to recover from morning sickness, motion sickness, and upset stomach.

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