Dogpatch Urban Gardens Farmer Field Snax (8 oz)

Farmer Field Snax

Regular price$5.00
  • Hand Crafted | Artisan
  • Produced in Des Moines, IA by Dogpatch Urban Gardens.
  • 8 oz

Farmer Field Snax was inspired after a long day of working in the fields.  I was worn out, tired, hot, AND hungry (not a great combination).  I mixed together some items we had in our kitchen and the Farmer Field Snax was born!

This is a great, healthy snack full of nutrition!

Almonds, Pepita Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Organic Cocoa Nibs


Our Story

We are an urban farm located in Des Moines, Iowa known for our organically grown salad greens as well as other seasonal crops. We have evolved into a destination in Des Moines to support local growers, makers, and producers.

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