Fritz Toffee
Fritz Toffee

Fritz Toffee

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  • Small batch | Iowa Made
  • Produced in Colo, IA by Fritz Toffee.

Fritz Toffee is made with simple, raw ingredients - no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no hidden secrets. 

Sourced with natural almonds and pecans, Fritz Toffee is made in small batches to ensure the highest level of quality and flavor. Crispy and nutty, smooth and buttery, Fritz Toffee is a melt-in-your-mouth treat, and even better – it’s Grandma Fritz approved!

Toffee that doesn’t get stuck in your teeth! 

Fritz Toffee began decades ago, long before our toffee recipe was perfected in Grandma Sandy's kitchen.

The seeds were planted in a small rural community where our lives revolved around quality, integrity and family values. We worked on small family farms, grateful for what nature offered us with generosity. We harvested it with gratitude and transformed it into new, sensational tastes.

It started as a sweet, crunchy, chocolatey, melt in your mouth toffee dessert our family made with love and shared during the holiday season. Grandma Sandy Fritz loved making gourmet candy and has been searching for its perfect balance of crispy, nutty, smooth and buttery taste, for over 35 years. As more people received her tasty treats as gifts or nibbled on it at holiday parties, Fritz Toffee was born. Originally sold only out of John and Sandy local restaurant, word quickly spread about the world’s best Toffee that you didn't need to pick from your teeth. Soon enough, everyone wanted a piece of Grandma Sandy’s sweet toffee!

Today, three generations are proud to bring you the finest Toffee available anywhere. One taste and we know you will agree.

Today, we share with you more than just a magnificent sweet treat, we share our family tradition, our values and our love for an old-fashioned favorite.

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