Maytag Blue Cheese

Maytag Blue Cheese

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  • Artisanal | Iowa Made
  • Produced in IA by Maytag Dairy Farms.
  • 4 oz
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Our award-winning Maytag Blue Cheese is made in small batches from the milk of Holstein cattle from local Iowa dairy farms. Our cheesemakers add Penicillium Roqueforti spores to the completed product to give our Maytag Blue Cheese its distinctive green veining. The cheese is then aged in caves in the hills of Maytag Dairy Farm, where it is exposed to cool temperatures with high humidity levels. The result is an award-winning artisanal cheese that is moist and creamy yet crumbly in texture that is slightly pungent with a lemony finish. Each wheel and wedge of Maytag Blue Cheese is hand-wrapped in decorative foil.

First produced in 1941 by Frederick L Maytag II in conjunction with microbiologists at Iowa State University, Maytag Blue Cheese was the result of an attempt to re-create Roquefort cheese, the famous bleu cheese from France that had been enjoyed throughout Europe for centuries. Maytag Blue Cheese was originally made solely from the milk of the Maytag family's herd of award-winning Holstein cattle. Today, we are proud to bring you the same flavors and freshness.

Maytag Blue Cheese is fantastic when crumbled into salads, is exceptional when melted onto a burger, or enjoyed with an ale or lager! 

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