Scorpion Pepper Chocolate Bar
Scorpion Pepper Chocolate Bar
Scorpion Pepper Chocolate Bar

Scorpion Pepper Chocolate Bar

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  • Organic | Handcrafted | Real Ingredients | Woman Owned
  • Produced in Fergus Falls, MN by Terroir Chocolate.
  • 2 oz

Tasting Notes - Dark chocolate that has the heat of Trinidad Scorpion Pepper flakes. You’ll get the endorphin rush of heat from the pepper, balanced with the richness of the dark chocolate.

Texture - Smooth bar “peppered” with Scorpion Pepper flakes.

Finish - This bar has a slow melt and lingering heat.

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, scorpion pepper flakes

Our Story

The award-winning chocolate of Terroir (tare-wHAr) is handcrafted and blended to create a chocolate that delights all senses. We believe that the boldest of flavors come from simple, real ingredients that honor their origin and thrill the eater. Chocolate, like a fine wine or cheese is about discovery – the discovery of the land from where it came to the hands that made it just for your pure enjoyment. Chocolate should be savored and celebrated for the indulgence that it is.

While our flavors and ingredients are global, our chocolate is handcrafted in small batches nestled in Fergus Falls, the lake country of Northern Minnesota.

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