Samatva Swing- Turmeric Apple Juice
Samatva Swing- Turmeric Apple Juice
Samatva Swing- Turmeric Apple Juice

Samatva Swing- Turmeric Apple Juice

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  • Woman Owned | No Added Sugar | Vegan | Gluten Free | Shelf Stable
  • Produced in St. Paul, MN by Panache.
  • 12 oz

There is juice. Then there is Panache! Botanical infusions in apple juice revitalize the body, satisfying your soul. Functional beverages with no empty calories made with Ayurvedic recipes, the food science of yoga, for balance and harmony. No empty calories. 

ONE-STOP BEVERAGE: Great tasting familiar 100% apple juice infused with the daily required dose of turmeric juice. Drink it as is, as a snack, in a lunchbox, on the go, with meals, in a smoothie, or as a base for a mocktail or cocktail.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY BOOST: Turmeric is nature’s one-stop toxin remover. Its curcuminoids help fight all manner of inflammations, promoting metabolism and formation of healthy tissue, correcting both excesses and deficiencies, and helping to reduce irritation to tissues characterized by pain, redness, swelling, and heat.

DIGESTION HELPER: Promotes the body’s ability in the digestion of protein and fat, and improves intestinal health and bile flow as nature’s cholagogue. Turmeric is the best herb for all possible health and dietary needs. Panache turmeric infusion is shelf-stable, with no added sugar, and is gluten and sulfite-free.

HEART SMART: Rich in B6, turmeric helps reduce conditions leading to heart and neurogenerative diseases. And provides help with preventing potential negative effects of Alzheimer's.

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