Tart Cherry Sparkling Shrub

Tart Cherry Sparkling Shrub

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  • Woman Owned - Ethically & Locally Sourced
  • Produced in Wisconsin by Siren Shrub Co.
  • 12 oz

Tart Cherry Siren Shrub + Water + Bubbles all canned up and ready to go!

We’ve mixed our Tart Cherry Siren Shrub at the perfect ratio with water and added just the right amount of bubbles to make this canned, ready-to-drink beverage. This soda alternative can be cracked open and enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Great alone as a non-alcoholic beverage or as a cocktail mixer.

Tart, juicy, and oh so refreshing.

Water and Tart Cherry Siren Shrub (Door County Tart Cherries, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Cane Sugar)

Our Story

We have always been makers. Our friendship has revolved around cooking, canning, fermenting, and now shrub making. We met back in 2010 working at Emy J’s, a coffee shop/cafe in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Our relationship was incubated amidst a unique environment of local food and community connectivity.

In the summer of 2015, we stumbled upon a shrub recipe and started playing around. The next summer, when Layne found out she was pregnant; we realized that shrubs are the perfect replacement for alcohol. Mindy started making shrub recipes using all the local produce she could get her hands on. Soon after, our refrigerators were brimming with shrubs.

At this point, we began testing the market, sampling them at farmers markets, community events, parties, and social gatherings. That’s when we discovered that shrubs aren’t just great for pregnant women; they fill a party void because they are great for everyone the non-drinkers, drinkers, and kids alike. People loved them, they were intrigued and excited to try shrubs.

We knew we were on to something...low and behold Siren Shrub Company was born right under our noses.


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