Fruits & Vegetable Plants
A wide variety of food crops for your home garden
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Fruits & Vegetable Plants

Fruits and Vegetable Plants

Fruits & Vegetable Plants

Want to grow your own food? Look no further than the Dogpatch Garden Center! We have a wide variety of food plants available to grow a lush garden. We have fruits and veggies that will mature throughout the local growing season. From lettuce to watermelons, we have you covered!

And if you're in need of assistance, just stop by and farmer Stephanie or one of our other gardeners will be glad to help.

Our Fruits & Vegetable Plant Offerings

We are especially pleased to include a wide range of our trademark greens in our veggie plant offerings this season. In addition, we are growing beans, peas, cukes, zucchini, pumpkin, winter squash, melons, plus a whole lot more. Download our Fruits & Veggies Lookbook for more information.

Farmer Jenny

""I hand select the fruit and veggie varieties we grow as well as the seed source. And we've used many of the same seeds in our Dogpatch garden plots over multiple growing seasons. So I know they'll thrive and produce well for you here in the Des Moines metro region.”<

farmer Jenny
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Fruit & Veggie Plants

Organically grown tomato, pepper, herbs, and veggie plants - many sown from the same seed stock we use on the Dogpatch farm.

Tools & Supplies

Manage your home gardens with durable, field-tested tools and supplies; plus eco-friendly soil amendments and pest control.


Bring your flower beds to life with annual and perennial plants lovingly nurtured by farmer Stephanie in our Dogpatch greenhouses.

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