Coop Poop All Purpose Plant Food - 4 lbs

Coop Poop All Purpose Plant Food - 4 lbs

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Users appreciate the wide-range applicability of this quality, organic all-purpose plant food. Great for everything from vegetable plants to flowers and shrubs. Coop Poop all-purpose is a naturally balanced blend that packs the right power to restore sluggish soil and bring vitality to all plant types.

  • Complete garden care for all plants
  • Necessary soil conditioner for tired, worn out soils
  • Increased moisture retention
  • Contains 8 percent calcium for strong roots and plants
  • Easy to use shaker and granular product low duet application
  • Natural nutrients for plants and soils

Available at the Garden Center

Shipping is not available for this item. Purchase and pickup at the Dogpatch Garden Center.

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