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  • Organic | Farm Fresh
  • Produced in Cornucopia, WI by Spirit Creek.
  • 16 oz
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- 2012 Good Food Award Winner
- Latin-American inspired Sauerkraut
- The flavor is sweet with a lively spice of oregano.

Our Story

Spirit Creek Farm located in Cornucopia, Wisconsin is run by Andrew and Jennifer Sauter Sargent. We live in a solar powered home and run our farm and business on 70 acres on the South Shore of Lake Superior.

Spirit Creek runs through the forested back 40 acres and the remaining 30 acres was farmed over 20+ years ago. We live and work here with our 3 children and other companions: dogs, cats, chickens, ducks and the wild life who skirt the forest border or trot through the fields at dusk and dawn.

In 2006 Andrew was inspired by the book Salt: A World History. After a season of growing our own cabbage and pounding kraut, we decided to start making lacto fermented food for retail sale. We spent the winter of 2007 building a certified kitchen and researching, preparing and pre-ordering vegetables (from other local organic farmers) so we would be prepared to bring our products to market in the late summer and fall of 2007. We continue to learn more everyday about fermentation, running a farm and are working to grow our business in a sustainable manner.

Spirit Creek Farm is committed to local, sustainable, organic farming. Nearly all of the ingredients in our fermented vegetables are from organic growers in the upper-Midwest; primarily northern Wisconsin region. Due to how cost prohibitive organic certification is for small-scale farmers many of our growers are not certified but abide by or exceed organic growing practices.

Our pledge to you is to produce a healthy, local, safe and chemical free product!

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