Pot of Gold All Purpose Liquid Plant Food 1-1-1

Pot of Gold All Purpose Liquid Plant Food 1-1-1

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  • OMRI - Certified Organic
  • 24 oz

Pot of Gold is our 100% sustainable all purpose plant food. Made from the highest quality human grade ingredients. Turning yesterdays produce, fish and meat into the highest quality fertilizer on the market.

  • Sustainably made in the U.S.A. from the highest level Human Grade whole-foods. By collecting human-grade ingredients from supermarkets, we upcycle would-be food grade waste into premium fertilizer. By harvesting the nutrients from today’s food scraps to grow tomorrow’s food, we are not only creating a premium product, we are helping to preserve our planet.
  • No synthetic ingredients or GMO infested chicken manure.
  • With a balanced NPK of 1-1-1 this is a great fertilizer to feed in the middle of the season. This allows the plant to continue to feed and prepare to bare fruits and blooms.
  • Organic Transparency; OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute), OIM (Organic Input Materials), CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) and NOP (National Organic Program)
  • Our 8oz. and 16oz. bottles come in a pump. Pump & Grow products are very quick and easy. Simply apply two pumps directly to the soil and water within 24 hours and it will feed your plants 100% sustainable nutrients for two weeks. Applying directly to the soil makes gardening easy with no mixing and no mess.

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