Holiday Turkey
Holiday Turkey
Holiday Turkey

Holiday Turkey

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  • Free Range | Local
  • Produced in Manson, IA by Golden Prairie Turkeys.
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Frozen turkeys from Golden Prairie Turkeys.  These are the same turkeys we sell during Thanksgiving.  We purchased a few extra for customers to use during Christmas as well!

There is one size and the birds are between 11-15 pounds

Purchase now and pick up at the DUG FarmStand on Saturday, December 16th or Wednesday, December 20th.   

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Golden Prairie Turkey Farm

Welcome to our Family Farm!

We are Logan, Coy and Ava Moline, and we raise Golden Prairie Turkeys. Our family came to Iowa in the 1800s, and we are the 4th generation in our family to raise turkeys.

Our turkeys are raised outdoors (free-range) and processed at a small poultry processor nearby our farm. They are fresh and ready to be brined and roasted for Thanksgiving.

This breed of turkey (Hybrid MiniClassic) is known for its hardiness and quality meat.

Thank you for buying our turkey. We think you'll love it!

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