Cold Pressed Coffee

Cold Pressed Coffee

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  • No Additives | No Preservatives
  • Produced in Minneapolis, MN by Big Watt.
  • 12 oz
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Our original cold press formula is best known for its balance and drinkability.

It’s made with simple ingredients, just coffee and water, with no additives, preservatives, or anything artificial.

It’s all good in here!

• Rich and bold with notes of dark chocolate and toasted nuts
• Responsibly sourced
• 165mg clean caffeine
• Just 3 calories

It’s all good in here! Big Watt’s line of all natural beverages provide clean, plant-based energy with nothing artificial ever. Simply delicious, because we made it that way.

Sourced Responsibly

Responsible sourcing starts with intentional partnerships. We carefully choose to work with companies that hold the highest standards of business practices, with a focus on sustainability and philanthropy.

Plant-based Clean Energy. Nothing Artificial, Ever!

When it comes to our coffee beans, we source responsibly through fair pricing and sustainable practices for the farmers and families. We source intentionally, never a commodity buyer. We buy only superior beans, selected from known sources in regions that typically have two annual harvests ensuring a consistent quality with an always fresh flavor and taste.

Energize Naturally

Nothing artificial ever means exactly that. Our all natural, clean label products are made with real ingredients that are good for you and taste delicious. No additives, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Flavored naturally with botanicals, plant extracts and bitters, while moderate in calories and carbs, and made with a pure process.

We oversee every step of the production process, from formulation to sourcing to production, canning and packaging. The path to the best tasting beverage is always the simplest, and we carry this commitment to authenticity and all-natural goodness through every product we make.

Powered Purposefully

We take “good and good for you” pretty seriously around here. A healthy, functional beverage shouldn’t feel – or taste – like taking your medicine. It should be a joy to drink – delicious and powered purposefully to help you be your best.

That includes the clean caffeine that provides natural energy across all our beverages, but across our product line you’ll also find electrolytes for hydration, antioxidants for recovery and an adaptogen boost to help you thrive.

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